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About Bandana

Bandana is a cool new way to meet gay, bi, and curious guys in your area - and nearby!

Bandana is different than other social networking apps in that - in addition to the standard "profile browsing" features most other apps have - it uses your phone's short-range, Bluetooth radio to find gay guys nearby. Think of it as an electronic "rainbow card" - carry it with you wherever you go, and any time you pass within range of someone else also running the app, your phone will ping or vibrate, depending on your settings! A quick check of your phone reveals the profile of the user (or users) nearby, where you can see more info, and even chat online!

The range of the radio is about 100 feet; It's perfect for those times where you'd love to know if that other guy is playing for your team - use it in the gym, use it in the grocery store... or break it out for that guy you just passed at the airport!

Bandana also has the standard "profile browsing" features that most other social networking apps have; you can see people near you and chat with them live. The app also features user-selectable "Interests", allowing you to see which users might have the same interests as you.

You can also post a "Shout" to let the world know what you're doing - visiting a hoppin' gay bar on a Friday night? Post a shout (and maybe a picture to go with it?) and let everyone know that the place is worth checking out!

This is version 1.0, and we're already hard at work on version 1.1 with a ton of additional features... including Twitter and Facebook integration, and much more.

*** PLEASE NOTE *** In order for the Gaydar function to work, the app must be kept running on your phone. You can run the app, then turn your phone off and put it away/in your pocket - but the app must be running when you turn off the phone. The Gaydar beacon will still function, even though the screen is not on.

Patents pending.

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